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Reflections-Approaching REM by lady-akasha Reflections-Approaching REM by lady-akasha
This is a reflection of the mind, as it leaves the awake state, and drifts towards the place of dreams. I hope you enjoy.

*due to the fact that the preview shots must be in JPEG format, regardless of what you try JPEG unfortunately does experience loss in some quality. However the actual download is, crisp, hign in reflectivity, and virtually lossless of quality. Cause of the over softness in previews are, due to the fact that all my work is rendered in a very fine mode, and again JPEG simply doesn't give it the clarity the downloaded BMP does.*
lady-akasha Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2003
Thankyou for the nice comment, and downloading to see the difference.

I know that is why I started putting that little side note about the preview to all my uploads, because I have noticed all of the ones I render in super fine mode, when you save it in Jpeg for screenshots, it really degrades the quality SIGNIFICANTLY. I decided that, after uploading a wall that I did CRIMSON that did not do well, on DA, while it did quite well at another site, and the main thing I noticed was the preview was much more degraded in my gallery here, than at another site, and I just couldn't have you all thinking I am Blur or Smudge happy. LOL
moonglo Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2003   Writer
Damn you are definatly right about the quality issue. I was lookingat the peview and thought it was sorta kewl, but when i downloaded it, it is a hell of alot more than sorta kewl. Wonderfull work!
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March 1, 2003
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