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February 13, 2003
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Reflections-Inside My Mind by lady-akasha Reflections-Inside My Mind by lady-akasha
Well, this is my very first submission, as well as my first completed piece of work. I hope it'll be enjoyed. Oh, and please don't be too harsh on me... LOL (I know this place can be HARSH) it's only my first try! But comments are always welcome. Right now there is only 1024 x 768. It took a couple of hours to render, and it was created in Bryce 5.

Bright Blessings!
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CyPhEr- Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2004
wow that is great well done, may i ask you how you got that chrome effect ?? (well of course i can ask you but if i get an answer is a completely different thing) good job anyway :headbang:
m0nk3yfried Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003
wow! not much more to say!
lady-akasha Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2003
Thank you so much.
weaksid Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2003
Checking out your Submits.. Very cool first one :) (Smile) I like the chrome look. Great work!
caoz Featured By Owner May 9, 2003
Cool work, just the quality that could be a bit better hum!!
godemperor Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2003
wow...this ones really nice.
its a little...unsmooth(i dont know fancy computer art terms) full veiw, but lovely none the less
virus610 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2003
mmmmmmm.... shiniysh.... yea, id take the extra 2 ho wait and set the anti aliasing to superfne or something, but this looks realy cool, i would've coloured it a dark purplish colour, but thats me.. anyway -
4 days,7hours, 38 minutes?!? omg, lol....
lady-akasha Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003
Thanks yet again beatone. As a matter of factly, I've got another one I created last night that I am going to be uploading in a about five minutes. This one is darker, subtler...

Tutorial? *GULP* That would have to mean that I know what I am doing myself? LOL Some of the stuff I do, I can never redo, because there is no rhyme or reason to the way I make things. Even with my regular graphics.
Honestly, I NEVER have a plan, or a rule of thumb...I Just push, pull, tweak, hit this button , then that one, undo, redo, (lol) until I see something that makes me say...Hmmmm.... let's render and see what happens. I've only completed three so far, and with all of them, I just made dumbass objects, slapped them in the center of the scene, tweaked, rotated, shaped, skewed, dispersed,shut off all of the sky, atmosphere's, clouds, etc etc....2-3 Radial lights seems to have been the pattern for me, high reflectivity, then use your depth of field button and push it back some, or ALOT, in this one I shoved it all the way back, then pull down on your camer control, in the center, too push it forward and just watch your nano editor and push, pull, bank, and zoom, over and over until you find something you like. I have spent hours trying to get some to work, and nothing ever came of them. yet this one took me about an hour max? Then a couple of hours of rendering time. The thing that sucks is abstracts take so long to render, it is sick! I had one that I loved and created yet Bryce said it would take 4 days,7hours, 38 minutes to render thus I had to chuck it.
-cloud- Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003




this is awsome!
beatone Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2003   Interface Designer
No problem.
Acctually I have only 2 wallpapers in my favorites, and this is one of them! And it sits on my moms desktop!
If this was your first, gotdamnit, your gonna be a pro in no time!
DonŽt be afraid of posting, from now on, IŽll always be on your side!
//Anders, BeatOne.2003
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