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Veil of the Vampyr by lady-akasha Veil of the Vampyr by lady-akasha
The veil of a vampyr

Zip includes 3 Sizes:1024-1280-1600

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ravensaint Featured By Owner May 27, 2003   Photographer
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ravensaint Featured By Owner May 27, 2003   Photographer
Raven glides gently down to stand in Lady Akasha’s gallery. His soul is stirred by the wonderful works of art and for a time he is able to forget the weariness of his reality. As he wanders through the gallery he comes upon a work that seems to speak to his nature “The veil of a vampyr” was the title. He was captured by the gentle swirls of crimson and intrigued by the use of dark lines to define the smooth corridor that seemed to pull him into the work. The Lady Akasha used the colors found when staring into flames. It brought to mind the fires that burned in the hearth of the Great Hall at home. He smiled softly at the memories that were being stirred to life and then marked this work as one of his favorites…He seemed to sense the influence of the old religions here…he wondered…but it was time to leave and so he leapt into the night air and allowed his mistress to carry him home…

(I hope you don't mind the device used to deliver this comment, but the muse was here with me and she would not be denied...Giggle ...
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